The Value of Hospitality BI

By December 12, 2008 Articles No Comments
Why Hospitality Business Intelligence?

Reporting Today, Yesterday’s News?

Your reporting system may deliver hundreds of packaged reports. Do you still resort to running queries, and extracting, copying, pasting, manipulating and formatting data as part of your “reporting” function? At the end of the day, is the information still relevant? Is it comprehensive? Is it accurate? Are your property managers, sales managers, marketing managers, revenue managers, and C-level executives on the same page? The hotel business has become increasingly competitive with your hotel room sold as a commodity on someone else’s website. Your business environment is changing rapidly. Can you afford to manage your hotels by looking at yesterday’s figures?

Go Beyond Reporting

When it comes to reporting and analysis, today’s hotel managers rightfully demand simplicity, flexibility, consistency, timeliness, and accuracy. You want to augment your experience and intuition with solid, reliable, and comprehensive business intelligence. Hospitality Business Intelligence provides in-depth insights into not only what happened, but why it happened, and how you can stay ahead. Hospitality BI helps you shape the future of your business by making the right decisions, right now, with confidence.

Hospitality Business Intelligence within Reach

For years, large hotel groups and chains, such as Hilton Hotels, Marriott International, and Harrah’s Entertainment, have successfully stayed ahead of the competition by embedding BI into their business policies. BI brought them improved revenue and cost management, better forecasting, and higher guest loyalty. Today, with Microsoft’s mature BI technology, our technical proficiency, and hospitality BI expertise, you can gain the same competitive advantage for your hotels, group or chain.