The Value of Hospitality CRM

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Why Hospitality CRM?

Do you know your hotel guests… really?

You know how much more expensive it is to acquire a new guest than retaining an existing one. You already know that repeat guests tend to spend more while on your property than the new ones. But, how do you make sure, your existing guests return and return frequently? If the same guest staying at different properties are tracked separately at each property, and provided different levels of service at each property, they could easily switch to competing area hotels. How do you ensure that your front line employees have the relevant information so that you can provide your most valuable guests with consistently high level of personalized service at each one of your properties?

How do you ensure that your reservationist knows that Mr. Olson likes to book the breakfast package, your front-desk staff knows that he is an avid fan of Angels and Lakers, and your guest services staff knows that he likes to get the L.A. Times delivered at all properties, except when in New York, he prefers the New York Times?

You probably have all the information you need, but it is scattered across disparate systems and not easily accessible to the employees who need it. How do you leverage this valuable information to provide exceptional service, gain guest loyalty and build a profitable guest relationship?

Personalized Guest Service and More

The need for a single view of customer profiles goes beyond delivering consistent, personalized service. Sales managers need to know how much chain-wide business your corporate accounts and travel agents have generated, so you can negotiate future rates more effectively. Marketing managers need a way to rank customers using various methods (such as RFM or Recency/Frequency/Monetary value) in order to identify the ones that are worth more to your business. With access to single view of customer profiles, you can deliver a consistent corporate message, run effective promotions, and execute cost-effective campaigns yielding optimum response rate. You need to be able to recommend your travel agents the right package and promotion at the right time and provide them with the relevant information so that they can cross-sell and upsell their customers. Moreover, you want to target not only your existing customers, but identify other prospects that have a high likelihood of becoming your loyal customers.

IQubz CRM gives an integrated view of your guests, corporate accounts and travel agents profiles, their marketing campaign activities, sales history, services activities, and customer rankings to your sales, marketing and service staff across the organization.

Hospitality CRM within Reach

For years, large hotel groups and chains such as Hilton Hotels, Marriott International, and Harrah’s Entertainment have consistently maintained high level of guest satisfaction and gained repeat business from loyal guests. They recognize that fine hospitality begins with building lasting customer relationships. They recognize that CRM is not a mere system, but it is a way of doing business in order to stay ahead.

Today, with the robust Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, our technical proficiency, and our in-depth understanding of the hospitality CRM needs, you can gain the same competitive advantage for your hotels, group or chain.