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IQubz provides BI consulting and develops custom solutions in business intelligence, data analytics, data visualization and data integration. With easy-to-navigate dashboards, comprehensive reports, charts and scorecards, IQubz BI helps you:

  • Get a 360-degree view of your finance, operations, sales and marketing functional areas

  • Understand your customers, market trends, operations, sales and purchasing better by identifying hidden trends, opportunities, and anomalies

  • Make informed decisions confidently, based on the accurate insights

  • Make adjustments early to tap into future opportunities. Increase your revenue, reduce costs, and gain competitive advantage










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Retail & Wholesale Trade




Insights. Productivity. Profit.

BI Consulting

Enterprise Reporting & Data Analytics

  • Performance Management: Consolidated, multi-company reporting for side-by-side comparisons of regions, companies, divisions and branches
  • Operations Management: In-depth operations analysis for material, labor, overheads and business processes
  • Sales Management: 360-degree view of customers and products with sales, costs, gross margins, delivery schedules, open sales orders and backlogs
  • Supply Chain Management: 360-degree view of vendors and material with costs, purchase price variances, receipt schedules, open purchase orders and overdue POs
  • Financial Management: Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Accounts Receivable statement and Accounts Payable statement with aging history
  • Dashboard and Scorecards: Interactive KPI dashboards and scorecards with Power BI
  • Ad-hoc Reporting: Powerful ad-hoc reporting and self-service BI with Power BI and Excel

In-depth Insights

  • Customer Profitability
  • Product Profitability 
  • Top Customers
  • Top Products / Services
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Vendor Price Variance
  • Labor Productivity 
  • Material Cost Variance 
  • Accounts Receivable Aging
  • Accounts Payable Aging
  • Top Debtors and Creditors

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Multi-Company Consolidated Analytics

Sales, Sales Backlog, Gross Margin

  • Customer 360 report
  • Customer Price / PO Expiration report
  • Gross Margin / Gross Profit / Profitability report
  • Open Sales Order Monthly / Weekly Due report
  • Product 360 report
  • Sales Backlog History report
  • Sales Flash report
  • Daily Shipping report
  • Daily Billing report
  • Shipped Not Billed report
  • Sales Order Backlog report
  • Top N Customers
  • Top N Products / Services

Supply Chain

  • Daily / Fiscal Year Vendor Summary report
  • Material 360 report
  • Material Requisition Planning (MRP) report
  • Open PO Vendor reports
  • Open PO Weekly Payable / Pending report
  • PO Receipts by Vendor reports
  • Purchase Price Variance by Part / Vendor reports
  • Vendor 360 report
  • Top N Vendors
  • Top N Materials


  • Freight Spend & Recovery report
  • Labor Tickets Scrap report
  • Work Order Cost reports
  • Work Order Cost Variance report


  • Financial Highlights
  • Financial Trending
  • Consolidated Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement

Accounts Receivable

  • Collections
  • Receivable by Week / Month Due
  • Receivable by Aging / Overdue
  • Open Invoices Statement
  • Recently Created Invoices
  • Top N Receivables

Accounts Payable

  • Payable by Week / Month Due
  • Disbursements
  • Payable by Aging / Overdue
  • Recently Entered Vendor Invoices
  • Top N Payables

BI Consulting Summary

  • Multi-Company Data Consolidation with Multi-Currency Support
  • In-depth Coverage of the Key Functional Areas: Sales, Purchasing, Finance, Operations and Inventory
  • Enterprise-wide Performance Management via Secure Web Portal
  • Self-service, Personalized, Interactive Dashboards with Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Drag-and-drop Ad-hoc Reporting, Charting and Analysis with Microsoft Excel and Power BI
  • Key Reports including Customer 360, Vendor 360, Work Order 360, Sales Flash, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements
  • On-Premise or Hosted – choose what fits your business best
  • Extensible – add new report models and cubes for additional subject areas; create and publish new reports and KPI dashboards with Power BI
  • Scalable – add more companies and users as your organization grows.

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