Web leads and their property interests instantly visible in CRM

When a commercial real estate brokerage company signed up with a property listing website to get online leads, the company partners soon realized that they lacked clear visibility to the leads and their interests directly from Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Outlook. The follow-up process and sales cycle lacked collaboration, in addition to being inefficient. The partners contacted IQubz, Scribe Elite Partner and Dynamics CRM Certified Partner, for a Commercial Real Estate CRM solution that would allow their salespeople to view website leads and their property interests in real-time directly from Dynamics CRM, thereby improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales process.

Real estate CRM solution, customized on Dynamics CRM Online, is closely integrated to import information directly into CRM from the client’s website deployed using ListingLab. Online leads generated on the website are brought directly into Dynamics CRM in real-time, with their contact details and the properties they viewed, improving the follow-up process and allowing to close the sale efficiently.

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