4 million healthcare provider records cleansed, augmented and made available in CRM

The healthcare data provider needed a coherent, fully automated system to match, merge, cleanse and augment millions of healthcare professional profiles. Once scrubbed and enhanced, they needed the capability to export these records for their corporate clients. Additionally, they needed a user interface to search and navigate these records. Their CTO contacted IQubz, Scribe Elite Partner and Dynamics CRM Certified Partner, to develop a Healthcare Professional Identity system.

IQubz delivered an xRM solution customized on Dynamics CRM. In addition to the customized UI, IQubz developed data integration using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to import and export healthcare professionals records. The SSIS import process matches records from National Provider Identifier (NPI) into Dynamics CRM, standardizes addresses using data quality web services from Melissa Data including Address Verification, USPS CASS ZIP+4, and augments contact, hospital / facility affiliation and taxonomy / specialty information. The SSIS export process outputs the enhanced records to deliver to the corporate clients in their preferred formats and layouts.

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Healthcare Professional Identity Management System provides the following capabilities to the users:

  • Provide easy access and visibility to the Providers Identity data warehouse
  • Enable management of relationships between Provider identities, clients and source networks
  • Find duplicates and consolidate identities
  • Provide efficient cross-reference mechanism from the NPI Master identity to Source versions of the identity
  • Create and maintain workflow guidelines for practitioner credentialing
  • Provide workflow for maintaining and validating identities

The System provides automated data integration and workflow processes to:

  • Build and maintain Provider Identity data warehouse
  • Manage imports from new sources/source changes
  • Consolidate definitive duplicate identities and recommend possible duplicate identities for manual review
  • Export Provider identities for external targets
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