Leasing Data and Documents Synchronized for Commercial Real Estate Investor Company

The CIO of shopping center owner, manager and developer was told by some integration solution providers that a data integration between IBM Domino and Dynamics CRM would be either unstable or cost-prohibitive, or both! But he didn’t give up searching for the right partner. He contacted a Southern California-based IBM partner CAI, who in turn collaborated with IQubz for their Scribe and Dynamics CRM expertise, to develop a two-way Dynamics CRM IBM Domino integration. The joint team of CAI and IQubz proved that the integration between Dynamics CRM and IBM Domino can not only be stable, but it was also cost-effective.

Improved availability of quality information across multiple platforms has resulted in improved productivity and collaboration among business users of the entire organization. The Dynamics CRM Lotus Notes integration solution uses web services provided by IBM and Microsoft, and utilizes Scribe Software’s data integration and migration tools. Dynamics CRM and IBM Domino integration is fully customizable with respect to the entities and fields as well as the data integration aspects of queuing, action (create, update or delete/deactivate), direction, frequency and error-handling.

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