Time-sensitive Intelligence for Hotel Revenue Managers

When the VP of Revenue Management of a boutique hotel group wanted her revenue managers focus on rate strategy decisions, instead of struggling to create intricate booking pace reports every morning, she called their CIO. The CIO was already concerned about users exporting large amounts of data from operational database. It was resulting in degradation in system performance, employee efficiency and guest experience. He reached out to IQubz, Microsoft BI partner, for a Hospitality Business Intelligence solution with hotel dashboards, reports and analytics. The goal was to deliver accurate information consistently, whether property-specific to property managers or consolidated to area managers. With a highly perishable nature of room inventory, it was critical to deliver the results on time, leaving adequate time to act upon the intelligence gained. The main challenge was to process large amount of data for all properties, and deliver results on-time, every day. To add to that, all hotels were on a path to property management system (PMS) migration from Epitome to Micros Opera. This presented yet another challenge to integrate seamlessly with two systems with a quick turnaround.

With easy-to-navigate KPI dashboards, comprehensive scorecards, and familiar analysis tools, Hospitality Business Intelligence, built on Microsoft BI helps plan, monitor and act with improved insights to optimize revenue, reduce costs, reward loyal guests, maintain high quality of guest service and gain competitive advantage.

Hospitality Business Intellitence At A Glance

  • Data Sources: Property Management System (PMS)
    • Infor SoftBrands Eptiome
  • Performance Management: Consolidated multi-property reporting for a side-by-side comparison of properties, brands, and chains
  • Revenue Management: Sales and business on the books analysis with year-over-year, budget, and forecast comparisons, booking pickup and booking pace reporting
  • Sales Management: Guest, company, travel agent, group sales analysis, most/least profitable customer analysis
  • Marketing Management: Marketing surveys, promotion and campaign analysis, Loyalty members points redemption analysis
  • Dashboard and Scorecards: Interactive dashboards, scorecards and KPI
  • Ad-hoc Reporting: Powerful ad-hoc reporting with Excel and Report Builder

Hospitality Business Intelligence Features

  • Multi-property Data Consolidation with Multi-Currency Support
  • In-depth Coverage of the Key Functional Areas: Revenue Management, Sales, Marketing and Accounting
  • Enterprise-wide Performance Management via Secure Web Portal
  • Self-service, Personalized, Interactive Dashboards with Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Drag-and-drop Ad-hoc Reporting, Charting and Analysis with Microsoft Excel, web-based Cube Browser and Microsoft Report Builder
  • Key Reports including Booking Pace, Travel Agent Production, Corporate Production, Actual vs. Budget Production, Year-Over-Year Production
  • On-Premise or Hosted – choose what fits your business best
  • Extensible – add new report models and cubes for additional subject areas; create and publish new reports and KPI dashboards
  • Scalable – add more properties and users as your organization grows

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Applicable to these Hospitality Sectors and more

  • Boutique Hotels
  • Hotel Chains
  • Hotel Groups with Various Brands
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Resort Hotels
  • Extended Stay Hotels
  • Business Hotels
  • Airport Hotels
  • Suite Hotels
  • Apartment Hotels
  • Timeshare Hotels
  • Condominium Hotels
  • Casino Hotels

Multi-Property Hospitality BI

Revenue Management Reports

Booking Pace Reports

  • Daily Booking Pace report by Market Segment
  • Daily Booking Pace report by Rate Code
  • Daily Booking Pace report by Source
  • Daily Booking Pace report by Booking Origin
  • Monthly Booking Pace report by Market Segment
  • Monthly Booking Pace report by Rate Code
  • Monthly Booking Pace report by Source
  • Monthly Booking Pace report by Booking Origin

Production Reports

  • Daily Production report by Market Segment
  • Daily Production report by Rate Code
  • Daily Production report by Source
  • Daily Production report by Origin
  • Monthly Production report by Market Segment
  • Monthly Production report by Rate Code
  • Monthly Production report by Source
  • Monthly Production report by Booking Origin
  • Day-of-Week Production report by Rate Code
  • Length of Stay Production report by Arrival Date
  • Length of Stay Production report by Rate Code

Sales Reports

Travel Agent Sales Reports

  • Monthly Travel Agent Production report
  • Quarterly Travel Agent Production report
  • Travel Agent Production by City, State/Province, Country, Region reports
  • Travel Agent Production by IATA group
  • Top N Travel Agents report

Corporate Sales Reports

  • Monthly Corporate Production report
  • Quarterly Corporate Production report
  • Corporate Production by Rate Code
  • Top N Companies report

Marketing Reports

  • Guest Data Capture report
  • Guest Production by City, Country reports
  • Loyalty Program Guest Stay summary report
  • Loyalty Member Guest Stay report
  • Top N Guests report

Accounting Reports

  • Daily Actual vs. Budget Production report
  • Monthly Actual vs. Budget Production report
  • Month-to-Date Actual vs. Budget Production report