On-Premise. Online. Hosted.

IQubz offers the deployment options that are most suitable for your specific business needs. On-Premise, Online, or Hosted.
  • On-Premise – at your own site, managed by your IT staff
  • Online – in the cloud, managed by software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider
  • Hosted – A hybrid option, at a data center, managed by the data center staff

Whether you choose on-premise, online, or hosted deployment, you get the same rich user experience, robust functionality, security, data integration, business automation, offline capability and mobile access for the IQubz solutions.


In the online option, you receive software as a service with a monthly subscription. There is no initial server hardware investment, and no need to purchase server software licenses. You need to have PCs, broadband Internet access, and PC software licenses such as Microsoft Outlook. With this low-cost, low-risk option, you have the ownership of data and the flexibility to move to on-premise model should your needs change in the future. This option is desired by small and mid-sized businesses and organizations with limited IT resources.


In the on-premise option, we deploy the solution at your own site or data center with your hardware and software licenses. This option is desired by larger businesses and organizations that have their own dedicated IT infrastructure and resources.