Improving Hospitality IQ

With easy-to-navigate KPI dashboards, comprehensive reports, and familiar analysis tools, IQubz Hospitality Business Intelligence helps hotel revenue managers plan, monitor and act with timely and accurate revenue management insights with year-over-year hotel booking pace and pickup resulting in informed rate decisions for revenue optimization.

Boutique Hotels

Hotel Chains

Hotel Groups

Luxury Hotels & Resorts

Extended Stay Hotels

Business & Airport Hotels

Apartment & Suite Hotels

Condos & Timeshares

Casino Hotels


Comprehensive. Reliable. Actionable.

IQubz Hospitality BI At A Glance

  • Data Sources: Property Management System (PMS)
    • Infor SoftBrands Eptiome 
  • Performance Management: Consolidated multi-property reporting for a side-by-side comparison of properties, brands, and chains
  • Revenue Management: Sales and business on the books analysis with year-over-year, budget, and forecast comparisons, hotel booking pace and pickup reporting
  • Sales Management: Guest, company, travel agent, group sales analysis, Top/bottom customer analysis
  • Marketing Management: Marketing surveys, promotion and campaign analysis, Loyalty members points redemption analysis
  • Dashboard and Scorecards: Interactive dashboards, scorecards and KPI
  • Ad-hoc Reporting: Powerful ad-hoc reporting with Excel and Report Builder

IQubz Hospitality BI Features

  • Multi-property Data Consolidation with Multi-Currency Support
  • In-depth Coverage of the Key Functional Areas: Revenue Management, Sales, Marketing and Accounting
  • Enterprise-wide Performance Management via Secure Web Portal
  • Self-service, Personalized, Interactive Dashboards with Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Drag-and-drop Ad-hoc Reporting, Charting and Analysis with Microsoft Excel, web-based Cube Browser and Microsoft Report Builder
  • Key Reports including Hotel Booking Pace, Travel Agent Production, Corporate Production, Actual vs. Budget Production, Year-Over-Year Production
  • On-Premise or Hosted – choose what fits your business best
  • Extensible – add new report models and cubes for additional subject areas; create and publish new reports and KPI dashboards
  • Scalable – add more properties and users as your organization grows

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Applicable to these Hospitality Sectors and more

  • Boutique Hotels
  • Hotel Chains
  • Hotel Groups with Various Brands
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Resort Hotels
  • Extended Stay Hotels
  • Business Hotels
  • Airport Hotels
  • Suite Hotels
  • Apartment Hotels
  • Timeshare Hotels
  • Condominium Hotels
  • Casino Hotels

Hospitality BI – Dashboards, Analytics & KPI Metrics

Revenue Management Analysis

  • Business On the Books Analysis
  • Hotel Booking Pace Analysis
  • Hotel Booking Pickup Analysis

Hospitality Marketing Analysis

  • Guests Analysis
  • Guest Geography Analysis
  • Loyalty Program Analysis

Sales Production Analysis

  • Travel Agent Sales Production Analysis
  • Corporate Sales Production Analysis

Financial Analysis

  • Actual Production vs. Budget Analysis
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis
  • Accounts Payable Analysis

Multi-Property Hospitality Reporting

Hospitality BI – Revenue Management Reports

Booking Pace Reports

  • Daily Booking Pace report by Market Segment
  • Daily Booking Pace report by Rate Code
  • Daily Booking Pace report by Source
  • Daily Booking Pace report by Booking Origin
  • Monthly Booking Pace report by Market Segment
  • Monthly Booking Pace report by Rate Code
  • Monthly Booking Pace report by Source
  • Monthly Booking Pace report by Booking Origin

Sales Production Reports

  • Daily Production report by Market Segment
  • Daily Production report by Rate Code
  • Daily Production report by Source
  • Daily Production report by Origin
  • Monthly Production report by Market Segment
  • Monthly Production report by Rate Code
  • Monthly Production report by Source
  • Monthly Production report by Booking Origin
  • Day-of-Week Production report by Rate Code
  • Length of Stay Production report by Arrival Date
  • Length of Stay Production report by Rate Code

Hospitality BI – Sales Reports

Travel Agent Production Reports

  • Monthly Travel Agent Production report
  • Quarterly Travel Agent Production report
  • Travel Agent Production by City, State/Province, Country, Region reports
  • Travel Agent Production by IATA group
  • Top N Travel Agents report

Corporate Production Reports

  • Monthly Corporate Production report
  • Quarterly Corporate Production report
  • Corporate Production by Rate Code
  • Top N Companies report

Hospitality BI – Marketing Reports

  • Guest Data Capture report
  • Guest Production by City, Country reports
  • Loyalty Program Guest Stay summary report
  • Loyalty Member Guest Stay report
  • Top N Guests report

Hospitality BI – Financial Reports

  • Daily Actual vs. Budget Production report
  • Monthly Actual vs. Budget Production report
  • Month-to-Date Actual vs. Budget Production report

Accounts Receivable Reports

  • Collections
  • Receivable by Week / Month Due
  • Receivable by Aging / Overdue
  • Open Invoices Statement
  • Recently Created Invoices
  • Top N Receivables

Accounts Payable Reports

  • Payable by Week / Month Due
  • Disbursements
  • Payable by Aging / Overdue
  • Recently Entered Vendor Invoices
  • Top N Payables