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IQubz BI upgrade implemented for Infor VISUAL 8 manufacturing ERP

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IQubz completed BI upgrade for Infor VISUAL 8, ERP for Manufacturing

High-quality, high-accuracy dashboards, reports and charts from IQubz manufacturing BI solution are now available for Infor VISUAL version 8.

Orange County, CA — May 19, 2017 – IQubz provided an upgrade to its manufacturing BI solution to the auto parts contract manufacturing client in Mexico for their upgraded version of Infor VISUAL ERP.  Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) routines, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards and SQL Server-based cubes and reports were upgraded from Infor VISUAL version 7 to the more recent version 8.

The upgrade implementation went smoothly, without any hitch. Scheduled data refresh and reports delivery continued as before without any downtime to the client.

Improving Sales Forecast Accuracy and Optimizing Plant Utilization with Insights from Sales Backlog Trend Analysis

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ERP systems do and let you do, what they are designed for – i.e. run your day-to-day business operations and provide the current state of your business. Business managers and decision makers need to go beyond day-to-day functions, and look deeper than the current state of business. In process manufacturing, one such critical area where managers can find deeper insights is the sales backlog.

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Four Process Manufacturing Metrics you should Monitor

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Implementing process manufacturing ERP can be the key to unlocking success in many businesses. This success, however, relies upon the system’s users tracking and monitoring the right sets of system data. Here are four process manufacturing metrics that your ERP can measure and track that may provide your business with some interesting insight.

  1. Batch Changeover Time
  2. Capacity Utilization Rates
  3. Energy Cost per Unit
  4. Revenue per Employee

Learn how IQubz Manufacturing BI delivers manufacturing dashboards, KPI metrics and reporting by automating data extract, data warehousing and data visualization.

The above extract is from the blog posted on 15 April 2015 by Tom Miller on

4 Process Manufacturing Metrics you should Monitor

Innovative Contract Manufacturer Successfully Deploys Manufacturing Business Intelligence for Better Insights and Informed Decisions

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Plainfield Precision rolls out IQubz Manufacturing Business Intelligence (BI) with consolidated information from five plants across three countries

Irvine, CA, February 15, 2011

Plainfield Precision, today, announced a corporate-wide roll-out of its data warehousing and business intelligence solution. The solution is developed by Orange County, California-based IQubz LLC.

IQubz Manufacturing Business Intelligence (Mfg BI) consolidates data from Plainfield’s five production facilities across three countries into a single data warehouse. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards, reports and ad-hoc analysis are available via a secure web portal. The BI subject areas comprise of sales, purchases, inventory, general ledger, receivables, payables and manufacturing operations.

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The Value of Manufacturing Visibility

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The Value of Manufacturing Visibility: Excerpt

Information is critical to manufacturers – indicating how and when goods are being produced and to where products are moving. Timely sharing of information across a company and its supply chain enables organizations to:

  • Manage and improve their own operations;
  • Synchronize processes with suppliers; and
  • Offer better customer service.

Capturing and sharing manufacturing information requires a strategic approach that identifies what should be tracked, with whom to share information, and how to leverage this “manufacturing visibility” into improved operations and business performance.

The Value of Manufacturing Visibility (Microsoft)

Effective Inventory Analysis

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Helping Distributors Maximize Business Potential Through Education and World-Class Technology

This report is designed to help forward-thinking distributors increase efficiency, customer service and profitability with smart inventory management strategies based on tried and proven methods and best practices.

Effective Inventory Analysis (Microsoft)